Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Recap

Well, if you used the Spiritual Popcorn Oscars as a gauge of predictability, I am sorry to disappoint. Out of eighteen categories, the Spiritual Popcorn slate only lined up with five of the actual Academy Awards winners.

But the one I am most happy about is the one that very few people predicted, which was the biggest prize of all: Crash for Best Picture.

By the end of the telecast Sunday night, I was glad that the Academy looked above and beyond political statements, and awarded a truly spiritually-engaged film the top award. It's not that Brokeback, Munich, Capote, or Good Night were un-spiritual; but in an age and society where America is at war with so many Arab countries, and in a country where we are polarized between red and blue states, we need to remember that our enemies are our neighbors, and we are called to love them all no matter what (cf. Luke 10:37).

Crash reminds us of that message, and for that, I applaud its win.


jay lassiter said...

I am so sorry that Dolly did not get the nod for best song.

Otherwise, i think the right winners took home the prize.

Jarzembowski said...

I think you're correct about the right winners taking home the prize.

I was also very pleased that a film did not dominate the Oscars this year (no major sweeps), showing that there really was some good filmmaking last year (despite the low box office). Glad that "Crash" got the big award, but pleased Ang Lee got director, Hoffman got actor, and of course, since i called it, Reese got the actress award (she's come a long way since "Legally Blond").

As for Dolly, well, sorry about that too. But you can't not be happy for a song entitled "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp!" :-)