Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's time to go to the movies!

"No man is an island..." (John Donne)

Is individualism undermining society today? With mobile gadgets and a sedentary work culture, there is less opportunities for people to interact and meet one another - at least in person.

But might movies be our saving grace?

The following article, while focusing on the business models of movie theatres today, does have some great points about what makes going out to the movies more important today than private mobile devices or home theatre systems:

Can movies' business model survive?

The line that really sticks out: "As it turns out, Hollywood has something special going for it: Moviegoing is an irresistable social experience. People love communal events..." While it might be profitable for theatre chains, it may also be good for us spiritually.

John Donne once quipped, "No man is an island," reminding us that we are not supposed to live isolated, solitary lives. But as personal conviniences have grown, the less necessary (so we think) it is to interact with others. Why go out to the supermarket when you can shop for food online? Why go to church when you can find spiritual websites? Why talk to someone else when you can text or instant message them?

Movies, however, have bucked the trend - and helped us keep us in touch with one another. So it's time to go out to the movies... meet someone, smile at another theatre-goer, or just spend a few moments talking to the person behind the popcorn counter.

No one is an island... and besides, you can't get electricity or good cell reception on islands. So we might as well go to the movies!

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