Sunday, January 01, 2012

Silence in the Balcony

A Moment of Silence at the Movies

Since mid-November 2011, I haven't had much time to blog about the movies. In effect, it's been like a silent retreat. Not that I haven't seen any films lately. And not that there hasn't been any spiritual messages in those films. Quite the contrary.

However, due to time and work and the holidays, I haven't had much time to myself to pause, reflect, and then write out my theological reflections on the movies I've been seeing.

But as Oscar season is shaping up and as the award-worthy year-end movies have yielded some great spiritual lessons, I feel called to return to the balcony (also known as this blog) and take some time to engage us in conversations about the spiritual themes that run through all these films.

So thank you for your patience during this silent period. It's time, though, to let the pictures roll. See you around soon...

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